Day 348 VegFest Pilipinas Event @ AMCM

Good afternoon!

Last week my Lifestyle Medicine professor posted a poster about VegFest Pilipinas (Vegans of Manila Festival Event) on Facebook. And I told my event buddy Sarah (check out her blog here-> to go with me on this event and of course I told her I’ll be the one to take charge of her expenses.

This morning I had my dad accompany me to Buendia because Adventist Medical Center Manila is in that area and that’s the meeting place I told Sarah. This morning I just had Jimm’s coffee and nothing else. We went off the house before 6am and rode the UV Express to Ayala Makati past 6am. And we arrived at Ayala Makati at past 9am!!! The traffic is effin crazy?!!!! From Ortigas avenue to  C5 road, it was heavily trafficked. And I didn’t know Sarah was from Manila at that time. I thought she was in Laguna. So I made her really really wait. Good thing she is a born again Christian like me. She patiently waited for me. But I rewarded her patience by buying her goodies from the event and free lunch on me.

So me and Sarah went inside the event before 10am I think. There wasn’t really any program for this day. It’s all bunch of different booths with different brands/ merchants selling their vegan goodies!

©Rina outside the Health and Wellness Hall of AMCM. #ChromeFilter . If it weren’t for the filter, my face would look even more exhausted because of lack of bfast. With my event buddy Sarah!

©Rina VegFest Pilipinas. Please pardon my look🙈

Whenever there is a vegan event such as this, you can’t miss out their vegan cheeses and desserts that has no eggs and dairy!!! Here are the booths/ products I captured in photos:

©Rina I believe for me this is the most well known Vegan brand in the Philippines because even artists such as Yeng Constantino buy from SuperFood Grocers

©Rina Vegan cheese without any dairy!!! But the taste seem exotic for me maybe cause I’m not just a very huge fan of cheese. But it’s creamy like the dairy cheese.

©Rina The kind lady in SuperFoods Grocer offered to us to have free taste on their VEGAN ICE CREAM! I was offered to taste Strawberry and cream. It tasted like real dairy ice cream minus the dairy!!!! One scoop in a cone cost ₽100. Since I did not have breakfast and wanted to pee, I did not bought any vegan ice cream. But their vegan ice cream is super good!
©Rina The foreigner guy in charge of the vegan cheese booth. My friend Sarah find this guy cute. I initially did not noticed him because my eyes were on the food. I was surprise to see a blond guy with blue eyes in front of me. Since I want to share how I can be extrovert sometimes, I personally asked the guy if I can take a picture of him in his booth. Of course I didn’t bought any because I’m not a super huge fan of cheese. It’s good that it is vegan but maybe some other time. Haha

Food I bought from the event:


©Rina Banana cupcake without any eggs and dairy!!! The consistency is fudgy yet firm to hold its shape. Taste really really good!

With the VegFest Pilipinas event being real quick to me because I just went to few booths and did not much entertain all of them, it took us less than an hour inside that hall. 

I hope more awareness will be raised how healthy and how having vegan lifestyle can make you slim and fit. Honestly I am not 100% vegan because I still tend to eat meat at home or in restaurants. But thanks to events such as this, it’s possible to sell and even buy food or merchandise that can be 100% vegan. It may be expensive and may be that is because the demand is high and few support for the supply is given. 

Next stop for the day is Hanayo:

©Rina My favorite Korean restaurant near UST. Hanayo. I specifically told my friend we should have lunch here (for me it’s brunch). My treat just as I said. What I really miss from here is their fish cake and sticky rice cake
©Rina Hanayo food we ate: kimchi rice for Sarah, rice and chapchae for me. Free soup and fish cake side dishes. And Tok Pok Ki (rice cake and fish cake). Most of it are spicy and I got used to it. Fish cake is ❤
©Rina Since Hanayo is just behind UST, I wouldn’t miss the chance to get inside UST and reminisce the past. Today is Paskuhan in UST that’s why there are booths like here in this picture Max’s but I did not attend Paskuhan (and I never did all throughout my college life in UST).
©Rina Miss my old building: the Main Building. As usual whenever there are events, there will always be a stage and booths in front of Main Building.


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