Day 351 The Bible Project

Hi there!

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called The Bible Project. And I just want to share in this blog post how inspired/ encouraged/ moved I am to the point of crying/motivated I am thru watching some of their videos. So The Bible Project makes animated Bible stories/ concept videos. And the quality of their animation is so epicly amazing!!!!!!!!

And here is the list of some videos and their respective links:

I highly encouraged you go check it out. One of the narrators is a Pastor. The way they explain Bible truths/concepts/ stories is plain easy and easy to understand. If I were to have my future kid, I will let her just watch The Bible Project videos instead of those animes or ungodly cartoons in TV/mass media.

Have a great, productive and wonderful night! Don’t forget to meditate on God’s Word tonight! 😘


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