Day 352 Christmas Interior Idea + Mia Maison Air Revitalizer Review

Good evening!

Yesterday instead of jumpstarting in my Anatomy ebooks or write the script for one of my class projects, I went with my mom to pay her real estate taxes. It’s not that I’m obliged to go with her, I just want a breather from all I have been doing in the house. It was a great shocker for me how improved the facilities of Cainta Municipality have become. There is a huge metal signage of Cainta outside. There are new posters and improved tilings outside the municipal hall. Inside the municipal hall, is this picture I got 👇🏻. Aside from that, the Mayor’s office and other offices inside the main building of the municipal hall is so amazing with its new interior and furnitures. The interior design amazes me. It would make you wonder, is this place I’m living in still a municipality or booming to become a city. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Cainta came out as the number 1 municipality in the country (as bragged by mom as she claims she read it in the news online).

©Rina Guess where this is??? It’s not a mall. It’s not a hotel. It’s the municipality building of Cainta, Rizal!!!!!😮 I love the interior design of hanging plastic flowers. I want to imitate this someday or make it as part of the design of my future wedding someday (minus the Christmas tree)!

I also bought yesterday this air revitalizer by Mia Maison with one free scent bottle. I have been dreaming of having this in a long long while! I initially thought this huge one cost around ₽1000. Oh boy, I was wrong! The smaller air revitalizer that looks like a small cylinder is the one that cost ₽1000. This huge one cost ₽2000. My mom did not want the small one but my money can only spend ₽1000. So she chipped in some money in order for me to buy this air revitalizer! I think the concept of how this air revitalizer works is liken to the fish tank air pump. 

The scent I chose is their best seller Fresh Bamboo. It smell so refreshing! And the personnel whom I bought this told me that I should only use a lid full of scent mixed with half the air revitalizer container of water. And I think this one bottle would last me 6 months. And he also said that the water inside should be replaced every 4 days. It’s easy to set up. And the enclosed room instantly overwhelmed by the scent of fresh bamboo in few minutes I also tried putting my citronella oil thinking this might shoo away nasty mosquitoes. 

©Rina Mia Maison Air Revitalizer + Fresh Bamboo scent product review

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