Day 354 Believing 

Good morning!

In this world full of petitions and pleads for mercy, I believe in the word believe. Today I’ll try to be philosophical. 

In the Bible, the words believe and faith are tightly intertwined. One pastor said that the faithful servant in one of Lord Jesus’ parables is not about being faithful like God’s faithfulness which is far more consistent than any human can ever achieved. The faithful servant’s faithfulness is based on his continual belief on something.

Just this morning past 12 midnight, my feet was aching because of me walking around so much and standing for far too long. While lying in bed waiting for sleep to settle in but hasn’t come, my thoughts wondered on instead of praying/ pleading to God to take away the pain on my feet. I just thought/ believe that pain will disappear in my feet. Then eventually I felt God’s Holy Spirit on my feet and pain disappear. [For me God’s Spirit is like a menthol feeling/sensation from within not external because I’m born again/born of the Spirit/hidden in Christ. If you experienced a second degree burn just as I did in the past, that kind of menthol feeling minus the pain.] 

Isn’t it too radical to just think the pain to go away? I believe this kind of faith is what God wants of us. To have faith or continue on believing even if it’s too simplistic/ out of context / results doesn’t show up as quickly as you wanted it to be. What’s more honorable to God is to have this kind of faith even in super trying moments where in you know in the past, you’ll snap into becoming someone who does not honor God. 

In God’s world, willing / believing it to happen plays such a major role. It’s really impossible to fully comprehend how in God’s mere thinking about or saying to the creation to exist, happens. 

I think the world needs to have more faith or belief in Jesus or should I say remove all sorts of wrong mindsets that opposes the reality and the true nature of Jesus.


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