Day 355 My Thoughts On Christmas

Hi there!

I wrote this blog because it’s timely and I can’t think of any other topics to write at the moment. This will seem like my open diary.

I grew up in an environment where people put importance on Christmas. When I become born again Christian, I truly questioned the validity of even trying to celebrate it. I have learned it’s a pagan practice. But as I go along, I learned that Christians try to use this season as a means to introduce the Gospel and the true meaning of Lord Jesus Christ in dwelling among us. 

And also during Christmas, aside from a lot of sale items, it’s also a time to have discount on penalty charges.

And right now, there is a Christmas party right in front of our house outside. It’s a Christmas party prepared by the people in my street. My mom couldn’t say no because it’s right in front of our house outside. And in preparation for Christmas, my dad and older brother bought cakes. All of these things I don’t like. Since I’m really avoiding dairy products, I put my cravings on sweet and healthy things like mangoes. And since there’s a Christmas party (and karaoke) outside the house, it just adds up to my headache which I am experiencing since lunch time.

Added to my stress is my never ending tasks to do like sewing, writing, buying, cleaning, the need to study and practice what I learned which is being put to hold for all the things I didn’t expect to do.

Needless to say, I’m stressed this Christmas. But I want to encourage people that Christmas is a time to remember the Savior. Even if it’s not Christmas, we may always remember Lord Jesus Christ everyday and every moment of our lives.



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