Day 358 Struggling With My Autobiography 

Good afternoon! 

Just this lunch, my dad has been cleaning some of the luggages and I found my 4th year high school autobiography project in one of the luggages.

Now I’m in my Medicine degree, we are required to make an autobiography project and I’m struggling writing it because of lack of inspiration.

Discovering my old autobiography project  (when I was 16 years old) gives me laughs right now. It’s almost as if I no longer recognize the old me. I might draw some inspiration from my old autobiography but I will not exactly copy it because I am a new creation in Christ, the old is gone and the new has come!!!

Despite me not recognizing my old self, I’m a bit amazed how kind of good my writing style and English grammar back then was. And I recognized how materialistic and ‘conyo’ I was then. What I find intriguing about my old autobiography project is this one chapter entitled ‘Lonely Days’. I can’t even remember an event like that in my life right now. But I like it how I wrote these words under that chapter:

In times like this, I don’t know what to do. So as much as possible, I must reduce the anger or frustration I might be feeling. And I could only say that I need to be closer to God whenever I feel sad, angry or tired which I failed to do so last Friday.

Ain’t that super intriguing?

And another thing, a chapter entitled ‘Spirit of Advent’. Like I said before I was a Roman Catholic. And in this chapter I was recounting how sad I was for I wasn’t able to complete the ‘Simbang Gabi’ (Filipino tradition of attending evening or dawn mass).

But even if wherever I see is Christmas already, in my heart I just could not feel its presence yet. I just don’t know why. But I’m trying to feel it maybe just because I’m not preparing enough for advent. And there is no peace in my heart yet.

See how there was no peace in my heart as a Catholic back then. But now I can proudly say there is peace in my heart because of being born of the Spirit of God becoming truly called a child of God through faith and faith alone!

And there is also this chapter entitled SS3. Back then I was super addicted to Korean boy bands and that includes Super Junior. But now I no longer like Korean boy/girl groups. I no longer delight much in pop music. Now I take much delight in Gospel music (whichever tempo it maybe).

And now I’m no where half of my autobiography project for my Medicine degree. I can’t even remember any events of my life noteworthy to be correlated with Piaget’s theory and other theories like that. 

Hope inspiration will hit me soon.


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