Day 359 Happiness Is A Choice

Good afternoon!

As I was watching again this Christian movie “Me Again” starred and directed by David AR White, I am stunned to hear these lines by David White acting as a pastor husband who is in the brink of divorce and had a miracle encounter that changed his perspective about life and happiness.

In the climax:

“It’s not about being someone else. It’s about being the best ‘you’ that you can be…That’s because you try to do it by yourself…I’m saying that happiness is a choice. It’s a conscious decision you have to make. Choose to step up…

And I totally agree that we should not listen to our emotions because emotions are part of the conscious and unconscious decisions we make!!!!

So folks, I want to encourage you that happiness is a choice. You can make it happen even if life circumstances doesn’t seem like it. Just like our faith in Jesus, happiness is a choice we all make and will.



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