Day 360 Teamazing

Good evening!

This morning I ventured out to buy stuffs and it’s amazing how the UV Express I rode to LRT 2 plays Hillsong songs like “One Way Jesus”, “Still”, and “Mighty To Save”. Initially I thought the songs being played were rock-pop songs coz of the drums but my intuition even if I don’t knew the song was, it’s a Christian worship song (that’s the style of most worship songs with full band and everything). And I kind of guess the driver is a born again Christian cause only born again Christians love to listen to very lively worship songs. I also admire the patience of the driver because there were two middle age women who rode at the back and they didn’t pay immediately until we arrive at the last stop.

Productivity speaking, I didn’t accomplish finishing my autobiography project and if I do which will come inevitably, it will be poor, incomplete quality.

Thank God, atlast I got to buy spearmint tea. It isn’t 100% spearmint but I read somewhere that it helps women produce less testosterone and spearmint is more helpful for menopause women who have a spike in their testosterone levels. For me, I really just got tired of plucking the hair on my legs and I hope spearmint tea will help me lessen my testosterone to a point I have less body hair.

©Rina Spearmint tea 🍵


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