Day 362 Sisters in Christ

This blog I dedicated to my sister in Christ, Sarah! 

Dear, thank you for your faith and friendliness. First time I met you when we’re first year college, I was amazed on your initiative, leadership, and friendliness. I am amazed of your faith and I know when you pray God answers you. I have seen you blossom and I know you have been into so many heartaches than I ever did. I know God has the right one for you and I know He will fulfill your godly, nonnegotiable standard for a godly husband. Thank you for being there with me through my weakest part of my college and through so many issues I encountered in college. Despite all those things that happened to me, you remain a true friend. Thank you for bearing with me though there were times we quarrel, I thank God we are able to reconcile. Though there were times I really get annoyed cause of some little things you did, I thank God He is able to help me forget all those things and making me not hold any grudges against you. I thank God for a dear friend like you who believes in my capabilities and towards my goal of becoming a physician missionary. I pray God will help you choose the career path that will honor Him. I know God has a plan to save even those unsaved extended family members of yours. I know God will help you and your family grow in the faith. Don’t ever stop believing. Don’t ever stop leading. Don’t ever stop dreaming and encouraging. Even life is making such demands from us, we will always know God’s character, promises and truths strengthen us. I know God will help you graduate on time and I know He will help you through your struggles. So continue in the faith. Until we all praise together in heaven.


Rina❤️ , your sister in Christ 


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