Day 365 Not Like What It Used To Be

Good morning!

Last night I read through this awesome woman’s blog👉🏻

And it made me reflect on how perfect Eve’s life was before sin. She had the perfect coca-cola shaped body every woman is wishing to have. She gets to eat perfectly organic vegan only foods! She lives in the perfect garden with all those FREE beautiful flowers which many women are wishing on having but comes with a huge price. She gets to have the perfect man matched up to her without any wait or much struggle in which most women are dreaming that the perfect guy would just suddenly be there!

In short, because of sin we were denied of the things that would seem like we have it all. 

But just as I read through Joy Mendoza’s blog, life is about choices. You can’t have it all but you can make choices. Sometimes it’s more about making the right decisions than having it all!


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