Day 368 You Can’t Bring Everything You Want

Good evening!

It broke my heart and well me up in tears when I come into a conclusion I can’t bring all my groceries to my dorm. So you might think what’s the big deal. The big deal is my family does not have a car. And the distance from my house to my dorm inside the campus in Cavite is a long long way. I just got officially enrolled yesterday and the class starts on January 9. Food is a big deal to me because Medicine eats most of my time and I don’t want to spend it out trying to figure out when I will get my next meal. You might think why not just have a cafeterian load? Well I don’t because ₽12500 is a huge amount for me and to be able to eat anything (flexibly) has more value to me than the security of having a food load.

So I cried a good cry. My mom consoled me while my dad kept on scolding me on and on without any hope for an answer to my transportation problem.

And I slept the whole morning. I finally got to eat around 2pm. Then I tried to watch the Korean drama Legend of the Blue Seas but my internet wifi is so slow. And I stumbled upon my old favorite website Drama Beans. I read every synopsis of every episode of the Legend of the Blue Seas from Drama Beans to get to know the story. I read and read until my head aches cause of dehydration perhaps.

And when I got enough of reading the Korean drama, I went down and try to figure out what are the things I can bring with a backpack and a handy ecobag instead of a luggage and several bags. I figure I’ll just bring the essential of the essentials.

Even if my whole Christmas vacation was not what I desire to happen, it’s good to have several weeks off Med school.


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