Day 370 Seven

Good evening!

When I first got introduced to Seven, an exercise coach app, it was when I was staying in my classmate’s dorm in Manila just near SM San Lazaro. And during that time I didn’t finish the challenge to do the 7 minutes exercise everyday for 7 months. I got through 2nd month but I didn’t progressed any further. And now I tried doing it again today being the first day. I tell you it was so hard. I barely able to do my push ups, push ups with side rotation, planks and side planks. After the arduous 7 minutes and 53 seconds, I was in respiratory distress. I tried to relieve myself with paper bag and handheld fan.

I found encouragement from this blog 👉🏻 Running Is So Much Like Homeschooling

And I quote from :

It feels difficult at the start, but finishing always feels great

-Joy T. Mendoza

It didn’t feel great when I finished today’s 1 circuit of exercise from Seven but with some practice and making this a habit, I will endure!💪🏻

©Rina Seven app



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