Day 372 Four Pillars Of Non-Negotiable Truth

Good morning!

I want to share the following inspirational truths as I read through When A Good God Allows Rape by Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza.

In one of the chapters, her dad Peter summed up his final thoughts on the evils that happened to his family. He said he will decide to hold on to four pillars of non-negotiable truth:

  1. I must firmly believe that God is good (Psalm 100:5). The temptation was to believe that God is not good.
  2. God knows everything. And because He knows everything, He was not caught by surprise when tragedy happened. He knows what is best.
  3. God loves us. He loves my daughter, Joy. Because He loves us, He wants what is best for us. The proof of His love is Romans 8:31-32.
  4. God is sovereign. He is in full control. He could have prevented the rape but He did not. And if He allowed it to happen, then I must trust that it is ultimately for good for Joy and our family.

I hope Peter Tan-Chi’s resolve to continue to believe on these basic 4 Biblical truths inspired you to continue to believe in God despite the tragedies or sufferings God has allowed to be in your midst.


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