Day 375 Loyal Like Hachiko

Good morning!
Last night despite the stereotype of Medicine student who just studies all day long, I did not study last night. Instead I watched two movies straight about dogs. The movies which I got from my classmate are ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ and ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ featuring Richard Gere. I don’t know why I get to watched dog movies last night. In fact, I’m not even an avid dog lover. 

But when I got to this scene, my tears just freely flow from my eyes. It taught me a valuable lesson that some creatures like dogs can be far more consistent than us humans. Sometimes we try something which is good for us but somewhere along the way we just stop doing it. Unlike Hachiko, it takes him faith to always be consistent even if he does not see any good result yet in what he is doing until he dies. What’s good for us humans is that we are created above dogs. But we should have simple faith to be consistent in things that will honor God. And I saw that kind of simple faith when I watched Hachiko wait in the movie until he got really old and seasons change around him.

Screenshot from Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (old Hachi with Mrs. Wilson at the train station)

And I leave you with a thought to ponder on. Even if there is nothing permanent on earth but change, I believe we can aim to be consistent in one thing and that is believe in Lord Jesus Christ. 


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