Day 376 Planetshakers Philippines 2017

Good morning!

Later evening and tomorrow evening as well, the worship band Planetshakers will held their concert at the Araneta Center Cubao, Philippines as part of their 2017 world tour. Sad to say I can’t attend to this one because I have classes until this afternoon; I’m in Silang, Cavite; despite the discounts in their tickets, I have already decided beforehand that I can’t join this one.

The last time I attended Planetshakers concert that was August 14,2015. I was blessed by the concert because of all those worship songs, corporate prayer and a little preaching. At that time in 2015, the most terrible thing that happened was my dad throw away one whole of Pizza Hut pizzas (packaged in plastics) because we can’t bring food inside the Araneta Center. It was super terrible. But good thing now I don’t eat pizzas because I try to be vegan (I am especially against dairy!)

So even if Planetshakers has been so good to Philippines even to the point on selling their tickets at 50% discount, I can’t go. But I pray my spirit will be with them as they worship and pray together in Jesus’ name.


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