Day 378 Afraid Of Cancer

Good morning!

One afternoon I was having a casual conversation with my classmate and we went on to talk about how she used to have a born again classmate during her undergrad in AUP. And that this classmate of hers transferred to UP because she had breast cancer. And then she told me this former classmate of hers underwent high dose vitamin C (intravenous) which eventually cured her of breast cancer. The story made me curious about the high dose vitamin C and little did I know that time it may bear some personal worries on my part.

Last Thursday was my first day of my menstruation. And that time did I take serious notice on my palpable, small (5mm), it felt round, really hard (not tender), almost painless lymph node (no skin redness or folliculitis on site) on my left axilla along the midaxillary line. I thought to myself maybe this is just a part of the hormonal changes that happens to women when they have their periods because my former classmate in UST used to tell me how she got worried about masses in her underarms when she has her period but a doctor told her it was hormonal. I’m not sure if her masses was tender or hard. So I thought it was just normal. But it intrigued me that sometime before my period I kind of felt that mass already but I am not certain when it grow there. And so I thought of the worse that may be this could be a lymphoma or breast cancer. It made me really worried that Thursday night of the possibility of the worst case scenario. And so what I did was I drank a lot of my herbal teas. I vowed to lessen my fat and oily food intake. I vowed to try to eat more green leafy vegetables because during the Christmas break I just kept on eating processed meat and meat (influences made by my family).

I told my mom that Thursday night too. She told me she had masses also in her underarm before and she just drank Banaba, Sambong (those kinds of herbal medicine, I wonder how true it was that indeed she had axillary masses before). And after drinking, she said the mass dissolved.

Then yesterday Saturday morning (I am still in my period), I palpate my left axilla (underarm) and the mass felt less hard than it was before and I wasn’t sure of the size if it got bigger or smaller. [And something supernatural happen like sparkles of small white lights flashed before my eyes as if God is telling me everything will be just fine because He is with me, ignore me if this seems weird to you.] Later in the evening, I palpate again my left axilla and the mass felt less hard and thinner in size than before.

And so I vowed on keep drinking herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee rich in antioxidants, (I want to eat broccoli soonest), lessen my fat and oily food intake, exercise everyday using the Seven app, & try to be less stressed.

I believe with lifestyle modification, we can reverse all noncommunicable chronic diseases.


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