Day 379 God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review

Good morning!

Yesterday morning I was fortunate to be able to watch God’s Not Dead 2 full movie YouTube using my prepaid mobile unlimited internet.

If you know God’s Not Dead, the first movie before this, it was about a Christian student who got in an argument against his Philosophy professor. In God’s Not Dead 2, the story pivots around a high school History teacher who simply answered a question from her student about Jesus. Then that simple class discussion became a huge scandal for the school because they want separation of Church and State. 

While watching the movie, I didn’t know what to expect but I love how there were old characters from God’s Not Dead into this God’s Not Dead 2. What felt touching in which I really cried is when the protagonist was called to become a witness and her own lawyer played like the devil’s advocate against her. It made me really cry and appreciate more that in the Philippines I can practice freely my faith without much persecution unlike in other countries. In the end, despite many persecutions, the protagonist won her case because she stand on her faith in Jesus despite so many opposition and the possibility of losing everything.

I find this certain actress Sadie Robertson have resemblance to my ex crush from Victory who now has a girlfriend (who played Marlene, the best friend of the girl who asked the question about Jesus which basically put the teacher protagonist Grace Wesley on trial). It made me think of my ex crush and his girlfriend will indeed marry someday, his daughter might look like her. (Lord, is there anyone in this world who looks like him and still a born again like him. Ignore me people reading my blog for this unrelated side comment ).

So the movie taught me that there is just so much evidences that you can share with an atheist without being too preachy. And you should really stand up for your faith even if it is uncomfortable or you might lose everything.


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