Day 381 Wednesday Wisdom

Good morning!

I want to share this quote:

 “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” -John Wooden

I got this quote from John Maxwell’s book, Leadership 101 (the one with a bunch of quotes).

And I found wisdom in that saying because even if a person can read so many reading materials, he/she will only remember and apply the things he/she had learned. As a Medicine student, there should be not a day that I should not read. Whether I read so many things or I just read a handful. Whether it’s a Bible, inspirational book or an academic book, I need to read. But despite reading so many things everyday, I’ll be honest I can’t remember everything. And there are things that I have forgotten.

And so John Wooden’s message struck a cord in me that in everything I read and try to know, I should be able to really learn something.

I hope that inspires you today!


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