Day 382 Windy Days🌬

Good morning!
These past days has been superbly windy. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather and it made me appreciate more the fact I have thick curtains and fleece bed sheets. And especially I am living and studying in a much higher altitude compared to Manila City, it’s really a bit more chilly than ever this January 2017 compared to previous January’s. It’s also a bit annoying how these strong winds can tousle my hair. I hate this weather condition when it makes my feet really cold that I want to wear knee high socks to stay comfy. I don’t know if other parts of Luzon experience this windy days but it’s so especially windy in Silang, Cavite. 

And I guess a lot of people do get sick these days because of the windy weather. I don’t know if it’s the coldness or the air particles like pollen or viruses being driven by wind that causes sickness these days. And this weather makes my lips chappy.
So stay hydrated. Eat citrus foods. Put on moisturizers or aloe vera gels. And stay warm, dry (not sweaty).



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