Day 383 Inside The Body

Good morning!

This second week of my Medicine schooling, we had our first dissection for the year 2017. (Honestly I really didn’t dissect but anyway I’ll share my observation). I will not share any photos of my dissection classes but I’ll describe the experience.

The cadaver (or dead person) assigned to my group was a fat, old, fresh, male cadaver. The sternum has been cut medially already by the lab custodian so what’s left to dissect was to show the great vessel, nerves and the viscera of the thorax. And I was shocked to see what’s inside the mediastinum. It was a thick layer of fats covering his heart. His lungs has a lot of black dots and patches indicating he was a smoker. And in correlation to the surgical wound he had in his inner thigh (I don’t know if he had bypass surgery in the great saphenous vein or femoral vein), I think he had a serious heart disease to correct by surgery but he died and we are dissecting him.

So folks, take care of your bodies. Who knows if your body will be dissected someday by a group of Medicine students and surgeon professors. And the body does not lie when you see thick fat over the heart and black spots on the lungs. If our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t we make it Holy by being healthy and ridding of evil thoughts.


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