Day 384 Once Upon A Time Parable

Good morning!

I found this short story I have written when I was still 4th year college. And when I was writing this, I was in the dorm of my classmate trying to spent the night there.

So I’ll just copy paste the original story I wrote and if you notice grammatical errors pardon me.

Once upon a time

The King of kings had a daughter. But when she was but a child, the enemy stole her away until she became a teenager, from the kingdom and she lived in absurd poverty. The King of kings was so sad that the enemy stole His precious daughter that He never stopped trying to retrieve her back. The King of kings posted out so many posters of His daughter as a young child all over the kingdom for the King of kings owned a very very vast land. From a far away land from where the daughter of the King of kings was stolen, as a child she knew not very much of her real Father. As she grew up she came to believe that the one who stole her away was her real ‘father’. She learned the ways of her foster father. She grew up very shy and has grudge in her heart for the awful things happening in her life. Several times she saw the old posters of King of Kings in her house, on the television but she didn’t mind it for she didn’t know she was the one being posted there and being wanted. It is said in the poster that once the princess returns, she will inherent a vast wealth from King of kings , and will be loved by King of kings because she was been lost for so long and will be re-educated as a fine lady fit for royalty and will have a husband of the same caliber. She thought how nice it would be if she was the princess the King of kings was looking for. Then her foster father knew the truth and was exceedingly angry with her for he saw her reading the poster of the King of kings on her hand. The foster father made her believe it will never be her the King of kings was looking for and he told her that she should just stop dreaming on for he told her that her poverty is her reality.

Then one day this estranged princess still living as a pauper, met several princes and princesses whose Father is the King of kings. She was curious and amazed by these people because of the beauty and grace and wealth and wisdom they got from their Father the King of kings and hoping that they may have a message for her. Her foster father saw her and drag her away from these people that he told her that she is just a pauper and she has no business interacting with these royal people. Her foster father also told her that she is a nobody and why on earth would they have a message for her. But the pauper can’t stop hearing from other people in the town what great stories these people( princes and princesses) have for them that they followed them into the center of the Kingdom and stories were told that these people who followed them became very rich and were adopted as new prince and princesses of the King of kings (for the King of kings’ family was exceedingly large and wealthy) and it is the King of kings’ delight to have so many children. The pauper was so fascinated by these stories that she went out without her foster father knowing it. For her foster father was out of town busy doing different kinds of mischief. One of the princes and one of the princesses met the pauper along the way and they were delighted to have a talk with her. They told her that her eyes look familiar. They talk about how rich the King of kings is and how so vast the kingdom is that it is impossible to tour it even in a life time (exaggerated). Then one day the prince and the princess suddenly remembered why she looks familiar, her eyes and the eyes on the old poster of the lost princess exactly look the same. And they saw that there was a possibility that she may be the lost princess. The pauper was excited because she can have freedom atlast from her miserable life and poverty. So the prince an princess went away for a while to confirm if she was really the lost princess. They took a DNA sample and have it tested. While the pauper was waiting for them to come back, her foster father came home drunk and beat the hell out of her. She was deeply wounded and she lost hope that the prince and princess will ever come back to take her away. Then one day, while she was out in the fields soaking her hands and her old tattered dress in the mud planting some withered seeds on the dry soil, a sound of trumpets entered her town, many horses came and the most prettiest white horse with the King of kings riding that horse came with His royal entourage. They search for her in town and she was found out in the fields doing some dirty work. The pauper could not believe her eyes cause the King of kings with all His beauty and majesty and glory was in her small, filthy old town. The foster father saw the King from a distant for news fly so fast, and he hid himself out of terror. The King of kings with His beautiful royal attire ran towards her and hug her and kissed her and He saw familiarity in her eyes and it is really her lost princess. The pauper(the found princess) for the first time in her life felt real peace, love and joy and despite her dirty and muddy clothes and her filthiness, the King of kings did not mind getting His clothes dirtied for His daughter who was lost but now was found who is important to Him than anything in this world. It was known later that the DNA sample the prince and princess got from her was positive and they told the King of kings immediately and the whole royal entourage came down to her town. Once at the royal palaces, the found princess could not help herself admire the beauty and majesty of the place, the people in that city and the wealth.

Many days pass by and the teaching into becoming a real princess was not easy. The princess struggled to change her old wicked ways as a pauper because it was so much different to her way of living now as a princess. 

It is customary that King of kings will arrange the marriage of His children and especially one of it is His lost but now found princess Rina.

The King of kings told princess Rina that He already sent out an invitation of marriage to an eligible prince from a distant land. It is His own son who have lived away from the Kingdom’s capital city. The King of kings also told her that she needed to finish her studies in becoming a true princess before she can be wed to this prince. The King of kings assured her that the prince due to her will surely come.
Author’s note: sobra akong naiyak habang sinusulat ko ito. Sana maging wonderful message ito sa lahat na though we were lost , we can be found and Lord God’s saving grace alone will make us His children and co-heirs ng Kingdom niya. At kung ninakaw tayo noon ng enemy or some people na hindi nila alam sila ay stolen away from, it is comforting enough that Lord God never stops pursuing us and His Word never stops on doing His work on us.

As you can see near the ending I used my name for the princess. My intention in writing this is to show through writing how much has changed in my life and still changing. Even trying to post it today makes me cry again. 


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