Day 386 First Service For 2017

Good afternoon!

Yesterday was the first time in a long while for me to attend Sunday service for 2017. I attended at Victory Santa Rosa together with my dad and older brother (first time with my older brother).

Every time I try to go out of the campus of AUP, I dreaded going out (like part of me need to constantly explain to the guard that I’m in post-grad; good thing I didn’t have my undergrad in AUP). But despite the dread, when I’m there as if the dread I expected didn’t happen.

I didn’t have any decent breakfast yesterday morning. When I woke up around 5am, there was no water in the faucet yet. But past 7am, the water came finally so I was able to take my bath. I just ate some ube langka hopia (which had butter so it’s not vegan) which my dad bought for me as initial breakfast. And when I finally stop by 7-11 Nuvali, I just bought bananas, sports drink, and water. I was thinking of buying siomai or lugaw in 7-11 but I remembered I am already trying to be a vegan.

It was a good thing that we were able to ride a not-so-empty jeepney yesterday from AUP to Nuvali because a spacious jeepney from Tagaytay only comes very so seldom or rare occasions.
Then when we arrived at The Monochrome where Victory Santa Rosa was, I saw my victory group leader inside the comfort room. I told her I can’t attend the victory group meeting / Bible study session yesterday because I’m with my dad and older brother. And I told her that I can’t attend next Sunday because of my college’s medical mission (minor surgery-> I’m not sure about this but I still can’t go next Sunday service).

Yesterday I was so blessed by the worship  and it’s been several weeks since I joined corporate worship. I could feel the Holy Spirit burning inside of my heart and my being. What touched me the most out of all the worship songs is “I never walk alone” by Every Nation Music. It inspired and ignite some passion to me to go where Jesus would want me to go even if I don’t know where or how.

Here’s the list of what we sang yesterday:

  • Hands to the sky by Mid Cities Worship
  • I never walk alone by Every Nation Music
  • For the cross by Citipointe Live
  • Amazing grace by Chris Tomlin 

An elderly man gave an inspiring opening message using Ephesians 2:8-9. It is such a great reminder that our works doesn’t make us have salvation because salvation is through faith alone!

Then during the time of giving (tithes and offering), my Victory group leader Ate Colleen gave an exhortation about tithes and offering using Psalm 37:10-11. I’m so proud of my leader that she get to have an opportunity to inspire, encourage and bless others in front of the congregation even if the whole hall yesterday was not full. (It was just a scanty amount of people who attended the 9am service). Then during tithes and offering, the music team sang “Wings” by Every Nation Music.

For the things I learned yesterday, I will just put it here in bullet form:

  • Topic : Knowing God: Grace of God; Remember His grace
  • Key verse: Psalm 103
  • Psalms 103:8
  • Pastor Janssen (I love how this pastor preaches. Every time he preach I really learn new insights and I am truly blessed. Thank God for people like him.)
  • Forget not His benefits (because we have the tendency to forget what God has done all those miracles)
  • Always remember!
  • Psalm 78:10,11
  • Major themes of Bible is for us to REMEMBER 
  • Exodus 3:6, Deuteronomy 8:18 remember covenant with Abraham, Isaac,Jacob
  • Remember/ look back
  • In remembering we see Him
  • We praise God because we paid attention
  • When we paid attention that the Lord is good
  • Scripture Observation Application  Prayer: SOAP for quiet time/ reading God’s Word
  • The benefits when we remember God’s works: Psalm 103:3-5 
  1. who forgives all your iniquity,who heals all your diseases,
  2. who redeems your life from the pit,
  3. who crowns you with steadfastlove and mercy,
  4. who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s
  • Psalm 103:6-13 expounds the benefits
  • Exodus 34:6,7 copied by David (Psalm 103:6-8)
  • But David disagree at the phrases after the but (Exodus 34:7) in Psalm 103:9-13
  • It seems inconsistent but both David and Moses are correct
  • But the Bible is a whole book interconnected 
  • Isaiah tells the answer (both Moses and David right): Isaiah 53:4-6 -> this is the ultimate grace that we should always remember [That Lord Jesus Christ substituted Himself for all mankind by taking the punishment laid for mankind and that is the ultimate grace we should always remember!!]

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