Day 387 Benefits Of Not Wearing Earphones

Good morning!

It’s been almost a month ever since I tried Rinne test on myself last Christmas break, I learned that I slightly have conducting hearing loss in my right ear. Rinne test is a simple hearing test using the tuning fork over the mastoid process of the skull then air conduction. The normal is air conduction longer than bone conduction (mastoid process of the temporal bone). I also tried Rinne test on my older brother and his ears both have conductive hearing loss. And I believe this is due to always earphones or headsets.

I think wearing earphones or headsets are the new addictions of this current generation. I was also got addicted to wearing earphones even when asleep I wanted to wear and hear music in my dreams. This has been since college until last year. And I remember a time every time my cheap earphones get broken, I always get anxious of not having earphones to stick into my ears to constantly hear music. 

Since I am learning a lot from my previous block on ‘Head and Neck’ last semester, I had the conviction not to go further the road of hearing loss. And so I vowed since last Christmas break up until now not to wear earphones ever. I was able to discipline myself to go to sleep even without earphones. I was able to discipline myself not to wear or hear music even in public places unlike how I used to be. But don’t get me wrong, I still love to hear music (especially contemporary worship songs). And also it’s not entirely wrong to wear earphones in public places. The only wrong thing is that you get to be too addictive that it already affects the health of your ears.


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