Day 389 Sometimes I Feel…

This was how my yesterday went.

Woke up feeling repentant of what I did last last night. Good thing there wasn’t any class in the morning and the mini practical exam was moved to 3:30pm. I watched an instructional video about anatomy using real cadavers. I did my usual morning routine of reciting Psalms (which I voice record); cook my food; exercise using Seven app; surf the net and took a bath. I didn’t know what to study so I settle on my anatomy atlases. I should have read eagerly my Clinical Netter on Clinical correlates even the heart. I totally didn’t expect that it should be Tetralogy of Fallot, and all those heart-related questions.

It rained that morning so I waited till the rain pass so I can study in the library and not fall asleep in my room. It took me almost 4 hours waiting for the mini practical exams. I took my heavy brunch so I didn’t need to eat lunch at lunch time. But I enjoyed buying buko juice from the canteen within the COM building. I grew tired of waiting that I managed to doze off inside the library. It’s as if I was able to dream something I can’t remember only to be awaken from few people going in and out of the library.

I didn’t know what to expect in Histology questions but I have learned I got some things wrong like it should be pores of Kohn.

After I was done, some of my classmates planned to go out and eat somewhere in Paseo, Vista Mall or Nuvali. I asked one of them where they planned to eat and they will eat some chicken at Vista Mall. I was like these people like to unwind after an exam because tomorrow is just a bunch of classes nothing much heavy. And it saddens me I can’t go with them even if they are so kind with the invitation because I’m trying to be vegan. My other roommate (my classmate) went out as well with her group of friends. And so I walk back to my dorm with this feeling of being lonely inside this campus because of partly I got it wrong with the Clinical correlates questions and another is that I don’t seem to have a circle of friends.

It makes me feel like sometimes “Does people see me as ‘mataray’ or ‘mysterious’?” But I can’t help it if it seems like I am so mysterious to others. I don’t want to share that much of my past but it delights me if people can be so open to me telling me of names of people they know I don’t know as if I knew them too.

So I wallow myself in my Netter ebook wanting to know more about stuffs and in texting my friend Sarah yesterday afternoon going evening.


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