Day 390 I Grounded Myself

Good morning!

Yesterday I grounded myself in which case I told myself not to bring my phone to class whole day as a punishment for the immorality I did with my phone. Being repentant I grounded myself. I thought initially I can survive the whole day without longing for my iPhone but I was wrong.

During lunch, I missed my iPhone so much. But the benefits of not bringing it to class is I can get to talk more confrontationally with people, read my hard copy photocopied book and eavesdrop on people’s conversation about love life.

Then after class, the whole class practiced some choreo and singing to some of my classmates for the indie film we are making for the upcoming fundraising event of the College of Medicine in AUP. Actually my class is in the process of producing two short films. So imagine with me the study load of a Medicine student plus these film making and other events. Next week in celebration of centennial of AUP, there would be intramurals and the College of Medicine of AUP has only 55 students (first year and second year only). And I would be joining swimming (backstroke, I just hope my legs won’t get cramps).

After the class practice (as if we did some Zumba), me and my roommates went to Paseo to go shopping. While at Paseo, I happen to pass by and wonder about the Speedo shop because I don’t have swimsuit. And I made my roommates wait for me while I try out the swimsuits. Good thing they accept ATM debit cards so I was able to buy with ease. And also the one piece swimsuit I bought (the ones with sleeves and shorts-type bottom) is on 50% discount. But nevertheless it was still pricey.

Then last stop was 7-11. I thought Soyfresh Hershey was vegan. When I finally paid ₽38 did I noticed it has milk solids in it. (I will suffer dairy intoxication.) It’s really hard to be vegan. Huhu.

©Rina Soyfresh Hershey. It’s not vegan. (You deceived me Soyfresh huhu)

And we end the night yesterday eating noodles in the dorm while watching Descendants of the Sun (me and my roommates are all Medicine students hehe).


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