Day 395 Ladies Dorm Open House

Good day to you!

Today is the open house of all the dormitories inside AUP. It’s part of their annual tradition and this year, it happened to be their centennial year.

The only preparations we made for this day were cleaning the unit as much as possible and I made a paper rose centerpiece with bunches of candies on the table. Cleaning my room wasn’t easy because I need to cram some of my things into my closet and my other stuffs under the bed. Good thing they didn’t pry into our rooms per se even if I try to make it look clean and organized.

And awhile ago, I kind of became awkward and afraid of people prying into our unit. Good thing dorm monitors and our dorm dean assisted visitors into each unit.

Our dorm building was styled with lots of bamboo post and lintel entrance, roses and ornamental plants on the hallways and stairs, laces and crepe papers wrapped around the stairs. Also there were balloons and paper lanterns.

©Rina white rose decorating our welcome hall

The actual open house was from 9am to 12pm. So in between this time, I can’t do other things that much because visitors may just come in. There were people I didn’t know who visited our unit. And our dorm dean explained that we occupants of this unit are Medicine students so we were not able to design the unit as what other dorms do. And good thing my candies and paper rose got noticed. I didn’t invite people to eat my candies but they candidly just get some which I don’t mind at all.

The other dorms in the university have it all extravagant because I overheard there’s an award for the best beautifully designed dorm/unit. 

One African lady came in and she commented on how serious our room is and that we’re Med students at that. I thank God I didn’t got awkward with speaking with her. Most people who visited our unit immediately left because there’s nothing much to see and they fail to notice the candies on my table in the living room.

Then past 11am, my guy classmate came into our room and invited us to invade other dorms. So we closed our unit hehe. Only less than 10 visitors came into our room.


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