Day 400 DIY Dry Shampoo Review

Good morning!

 Last Friday morning, I am lazy enough not to wash my hair when I took a bath because I don’t want to be feeling cold that entire morning. 

And I remember in the past when I attended StyleCon Asia in Makati where in I first heard the word “dry shampoo”. I was shocked to hear such a thing exist because I don’t see it in any supermarket or department stores. 

And so I searched about it and I learned that you can make a DIY dry shampoo using arrowroot or cornstarch and some also use it with cocoa powder. You just dab this with a huge make up brush on the hair.

 I used cornstarch alone and my kabuki brush. And my initial impression was cornstarch is better than baby powder in making one’s hair look like an old person if there will be acting presentation on class. And since I don’t want to look weird that day, I swiftly tapped my hair until the white seems unnoticeable. My hair is really oily and so is my face. And cornstarch is a good oil-absorber. (But of course I didn’t use cornstarch on my face.) After using the cornstarch on my hair, I comb it with my argan oil. You can put any essential oil you like with the dry shampoo but for me argan oil makes my hair healthy and smell nice.

 I might keep using cornstarch as dry shampoo and it’s really cheap. But never forget to always wash your hair most time of the week especially if you don’t feel lazy!


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