Day 401 Greater Are You

Good morning!

I fell in love with City Harvest Church’s songs when I first heard it in Spotify. Their songs are so mellow, nice lyrics for worship, and I learned to appreciate orchestra music.

One particular song of them caught my attention which is Greater Are You. I liked the line “And all You ask of me is to believe”. How many of us ignore the fact that the means to salvation is by believing (or thru faith alone)? God’s requirement for us is so plain easy. God made it easy for us to have salvation or assurance of eternal life because all throughout history of mankind He is the One making the effort to restore the once lost relationship back to how it should be.

But even believing is a bit difficult in this broken world because of so many lies, doubts, fears resulting to unbelief.

So this song is a great reminder to believe by being grounded first in the Truth and singing praise songs (as an expression of faith verbalized).

Greater Are You

Verse 1: 

I have read and I have sung

All the songs of Your love and what it’s done

I have prayed and I have praised

To the best that my abilities allow


But my God I know that I’m Your child

And all You ask of me is to believe 


Greater are You, over the worst of pain

Under Your loving rain, I’m restored

Now all that I am is Yours

Stronger are You, You carry me in Your embrace

Unchanging through all of my days, my reward is knowing that I am Yours

Lord I am Yours

Verse 2:

I have seen the things You do

In a sudden hardened hearts begin to move

And I know that You are good

In the thunders I am under all of You


All that I am, I place in Your hand

All I desire, to live in Your plan

Let mercy surround me and grace overwhelm me

In my weakness Lord help me to stand

(Source: Greater Are You lyrics)

Wanna hear it from YouTube?


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