Day 402 Brain On Fire

Good morning!

When I first saw Brain On Fire in my Facebook newsfeed, I was curious by the title. I watched the trailer in Facebook and I got goosebumps.  👇🏻 

Screenshot from Facebook newsfeed (all credits to the original owner)

In my mind, my initial impression was this is a fiction. (I didn’t believe or fail to read the words based on a true story. But I got curious about the synopsis of the movie because I quite didn’t understand it from the trailer so I read Wikipedia. And to my shock, the movie was based on an autobiographical account of a real person!!! I got more goosebumps. And seeing that her case was encephalitis, I get even more curious about her doctor because it had to be a neurologist! On a side note ever since my neurology (anatomy/physiology/embryology/histology) block last first semester, I wanted to pursue Neurology as my subspecialty after taking up Internal Medicine residency (depends if there is a straight Neurology residency after board exams). Reading more about Dr. Souhel Najjar, I got inspired to be a good neurologist someday. After watching a TED YouTube video of Susannah Cahalan, I got inspired to watch the movie “Brain On Fire”, read her autobiography “Brain On Fire” and advanced study on the Cardio-block (too bad can’t focus yet on Neuro again because I need to use my precious time wisely to study on the block subject on hand.)

Screenshot from Google

Her case was superbly rare! And I congratulate her neurologist for being able to diagnose it as a neurological case rather than psychiatric case because the management of the disease is extremely different! (But there could be an overlap with some psychiatric disease with neurological problem. It’s really up to the clinical eye of the doctor to elicit a good medical history and come up with a good differential diagnosis.)
Susannah’s story literally gives me goosebumps most of the time that it inspires me so much!!!!


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