Day 404 For Filipino Wannabe-Vegans: Ditch Lucky Me Pancit Canton

Good morning!

If you are a trying hard wannabe vegan like me and sometimes you’re lazy to cook food that you end up cooking instant noodles, then Mi Goreng is for you!

It’s an Indonesian noodles that has a taste of soy and spiciness in it. Unlike the Filipino instant noodles Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Mi Goreng doesn’t have any crustaceans in the ingredients. Mi Goreng has wheat flour, refined palm oil, tapioca starch, salt, acidity regulator and thickener, sugar, flavor enhancer, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast extract, pepper powder, soyabean, spices, sesame oil, chili, water, preservatives, fried onion.

It’s almost the same price as the big Lucky Me Pancit Canton in SM supermarkets or Robinsons supermarkets. This may not be considered whole foods (whole foods are foods that are not processed but not necessarily mean raw) but it gives instant vegan hunger satisfaction for people who aren’t much into the whole food vegan diet. 

©Rina Mi Goreng Indonesian noodles (worry-free coz it’s 100% vegan legit!)[You can actually not add an egg unless you are still an ovo-vegetarian.]

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