Day 405 TastiHealth Vegetarian Buffet Review

Good afternoon!

Ever since TastiHealth which is a plant-based eat all you can restaurant opened last January of this year just across AUP in Silang, Cavite, I was excited to try eating here. 

Last Thursday February 9, me and my classmate was finally able to get to eat here. Prior to going to TastiHealth for a dinner buffet (6pm-9pm), our class was Lifestyle Medicine. Our Lifestyle Medicine doctor professor gave us a lecture and then we jogged/brisk walked around the campus of AUP. We were already dressed up in fitness attire and our professor came in also in shorts and fitness attire in a white coat. How cool is that for a professor? I didn’t like the jogging activity because my only lunch was palabok! I was afraid of fainting and going hypoglycemic in the road that’s why I really didn’t jogged. I was between walking, brisk walking and some running. After the class, me and my friend dressed up a bit and refreshed ourselves before going to TastiHealth. My Lifestyle Medicine doctor went ahead to TastiHealth to eat.

©Rina (TastiHealth façade and interior, the power plate of Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, bag tag freebies) The interior of TastiHealth has Bible passages on the wall and other sayings, try to find out what’s written on the wall through this picture! 😃

When we arrived to TastiHealth it was about past 5pm. In their door, it says closed because the dinner buffet starts at 6pm and they haven’t prepared the buffet tables with food. But my friend knows someone who works there so we went in even if they’re still prepping up for the dinner buffet. Our Lifestyle Medicine doctor saw us and shared the table with us. And here 👇🏻 we shared a photo.

©Rina (me and my classmate with our Lifestyle Medicine doctor professor chillin’ out. How cool is that?)

So our professor went ahead eating before us. And me and my friend got so excited trying out different foods. There are different buffet tables for the main course, appetizer, salad, dessert, drinks. There isn’t any soup yet.

All there food is vegan! No dairy, no egg, low salt, low oil/ to no oil, and all plant based foods!

For my first plate, I had:

  • Nachos with vegan cheese
  • Penne pasta with alfredo sauce also vegan
  • Vegan spaghetti 
  • Kimchi
  • Kimbap 
  • Squash with moringa (or malunggay)
  • Radish ensalada 
  • Glazed sweet potato
  • Vegan Korean pancake
  • Spicy grilled eggplant
  • Potatoes
  • Baguio beans with carrot and corn kernels

For my second plate, I had:

  • Kimbap 
  • Glazed sweet potatoes
  • Pineapple
  • Pears
  • Vegan kare kare (a Filipino cuisine)
  • Pechay ensalada 
  • 2 different kinds of tofu main course which I don’t know how it’s called

For my third and last big plate, I had:

  • Vegan Korean pancake 
  • Vegetarian anchovies
  • Kangkong ensalada 
  • Vegan chopsuey 
  • Nachos with vegan cheese
  • Sweet and sour pickled radish 
  • Vegans beans and cheese burrito (no dairy!)
  • Alongside with cold lemongrass tea water

After 3 large plates of buffet food, I almost got sleepy and full. Notice I didn’t get any rice aside from kimbap? They do have brown rice. But I didn’t get any rice aside from kimbap because that’s my strategy in getting to eat more in buffet restaurants without getting full too quickly.

©Rina (upper left is my 1st plate, upper right is my 3rd plate, my 2nd plate is picture below it) ALL OF THESE ARE VEGAN!

Our Lifestyle Medicine professor went ahead of us but before leaving us, he said he will try to ask for some discount from the manager. He and the owner of TastiHealth are friends. He almost got to be a co-owner of TastiHealth but since his schedule as a doctor is busy and lacked a bit of funds, he just became a consultant for TastiHealth.

Before he left, we had a small chat. He asked us what specialization we would like to take. My friend said she would follow after him as Lifestyle Medicine doctor. Me on the other hand said I want to be a Neurologist with Lifestyle Medicine training too. He got so amazed with my choice because he said he personally had difficulties in Neurology before. And he went on advising how food is medicine for chronic conditions like stroke and so on. He is such a nice person for encouraging us.

I wouldn’t leave TastiHealth without leaving satisfied by having atleast 5 plates eaten. So I try to ate more despite feeling sleepy and full.

For my 4th small plate, I had:

  • Watermelon
  • Vegan nachos with cheese
  • Corn

For my last small plate, the 5th plate, I had:

  • Salad: (dressing, grated squash, julienned beets, corn kernels, tomato,bread cubes,mixed greens)
  • Drinks: small glass of lukewarm pandan tea water

©Rina last remaining food to make me feel that my pay is worth it

It was past 7pm, when me and my friend decided we’re full. She ate 2 big plates and 4 small plates and 1 small glass of pandan tea. Me on the other hand had 3 big plates, 2 small plates, 1 big glass of lemongrass and 1 small glass of pandan tea.

The buffet is worth ₽399 each person. But it’s free for little children less than 3 feet for people who have kids. Upon looking at our bill, we were surprised to know that our professor paid ₽250 deductible to our bill. So instead of paying the full price ₽399, we each paid ₽274!!!

My Lifestyle Medicine professor is so kind I am inspired to extend the kindness he gave to us to others in the future.

©Rina (our bill and our professor paid it partially, he is so kind and inspiring to imitate his kindness)

One thought on “Day 405 TastiHealth Vegetarian Buffet Review

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