Day 408 Will You Consider Me?

I learn how to constraint

I am not how I used to be

I can not run off to a guy and confess my feelings

But I can write my thoughts here hoping no one would take care much

I know you are good looking but not exactly my type

Many girls has a crush on you

You may already have a special childhood friend already making me not to put much hope in you

But it amazes me that in 6 months I doubted considering you as a prospect match

When I heard you sang in a different tone 

You know it made a great impression on me that change my mind and made me have a crush on you

Hope you will not notice it because we still have 3 and half years counting before we part ways totally

I mean we’re so different 

You have a different religion

You have a different time frame

It’s as if we’re both in the same time and space but our religions make it different somehow

Thinking of the possibility maybe you’re family won’t like me 

But who cares, I’m not the apple of your eye

So I won’t put my hopes high in you

Maybe all I wanted after all is to hear you sing again the same way you made a great impression on me that afternoon even if the song wasn’t for me

P.S. I wonder if you ever read my blog?


One thought on “Day 408 Will You Consider Me?

  1. And after 5 days I was able to record your singing voice thru the help of a friend though I wasn’t there. So yeah, I liked your voice especially when you sing that way. But then again I won’t put my hopes much.


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