Day 409 DIY Nose Mask

Good morning!

Sometime in the past I was able to watch a DIY nose mask for white heads and black heads. She just used a nontoxic school glue and activated charcoal powder. I was amazed how simple and cost effective it was but the problem is I didn’t know where to find the activated charcoal powder.

But last Sunday, I happen to see by chance activated charcoal powder in my university’s grocery store. I bought it for ₽181. It’s so much maybe this could last me even everyday nose mask. Nose masks for blackheads and white heads in beauty shops are pricy. But thank God to this, I can make endless DIY beauty recipes:

©Rina Activated charcoal powder from AUP Store for ₽181

For the DIY nose mask, I just got a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and poured some glue till paste-like consistency in a small container. I used my foundation brush to apply it over my nose. And let it dry. It will feel exactly like real store-bought face or nose mask because as the glue dries up, it feels stiff on the face. Then peel away. My initial touch on my nose when I washed away and dried my nose was it felt clean. Though my nose pores remain big nevertheless it felt clean.

My first try, I should have put more glue so that the consistency when it dries won’t be flaky. And I also had a hard time removing it because of lack of glue. (On a side note, I made my floor dirty that evening.) 

©Rina activated charcoal powder + nontoxic glue in container and apply with foundation brush
©Rina DIY nose mask on me

Anyway that is the whole idea! Hope it inspired you!


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