Day 412 When It Happened To Me

Good morning!

I want to share what happened to me last night. 

As a Medicine student, you get to know different medical terms for different signs and symptoms. And I never knew I would experience it first hand how it feels to have dysuria. So I’m gonna give my self diagnosis about myself in this blog post.

Last night, I felt pain in my hypogastric region (below my navel or in Filipino we females term it as ‘puson’). And I normally feel pain near that area whenever I am pre-menstruating or during my menstruation. But the weird thing about it is I just finished my menstruation. So initially I was puzzled why I felt pain in my hypogastric area. Then when I tried to urinate, it was super painful. And my urine output was very little. Then there I knew I am having a UTI. Initially I was puzzled why I got UTI. Then I remember my fluid intake is not that much. (When I say fluid intake it should be pure water not juice, not milk , not soft drinks).

So I was desperate last night how to make the pain to go away because it was super painful. It’s as if I want to remove something within my bladder which I can’t remove. What I did I tried to play worship songs in the hope God would heal me so I played “Heal Our Land” by Planetshakers while hunch over on my bed. Then I suddenly thought why not wash up with lactacyd. So I drank more sips of water and muster the strength to go to the bathroom in that pain. After washing up and urinating again, the pain ceased. And I was able to pray decently to God thanking Him for helping me think of using lactacyd.

You see it really might have been UTI and the treatment for it is antibiotics. But since I am against the frequent use of antibiotics, I might just increase my water intake and take care of my hygiene.

Hope it inspired you as it inspired me. 

Thank You Lord Jesus!


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