Day 417 Ankle Sprain

Good evening!

Since I am already in the process of doing the 1000 days blog challenge, I cannot not write blog today.

The saddest thing that happened to me this week was I slipped on slippery soil while going to my 8am class and I got a right ankle sprain. Struggling to stand up from the fall wasn’t easy. No one helped me get up. My only resolve at that time was “I can’t let myself to stay here, I need to stand up and help myself especially when there is no one there to help.”

So I carried myself to the classroom, limping over my normal pain-free left foot. By the time I got inside the building, my seniors noticed me limping and they knew something’s wrong with me. Another classmate came and gave me an cold compress (I didn’t expect him to be such a gentleman and with so much initiative. He suggested I get cold compress first. He really suits to be a physician missionary-in training , one of the reasons why I liked him though I know he might not like me back.)

My classmates and my doctor professors were so kind in helping me go to the cr, buy my lunch for me (ofcourse at my expense), get me water, and do the RICE first aid, giving me free mefenamic acid , free consultation, and basically any help I could get from them. Even if I spend more than ₽1000 for buying my bandages, plaster of paris, foot/ ankle X-ray and my wooden crutch.

Lesson learned. You never know how much you will spend because of the accident. And you never know how weak and struggling it is to do simple and sometimes taken for granted tasks. So always be thankful and count the kindness of others to you. I never knew hopping in one foot going to my 3rd floor room is such a struggle. But at the same time, you never expect people’s kindness around you to be so warm and loving that they will do it even if you don’t ask for it. And also be careful at all times!!

P.S. I will never walk that way where I slipped and injured myself.


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