Day 418 First Time To Have A Cast

Good morning!

Yesterday I recounted how I got an ankle sprain because of the terrible and violent twist in my right ankle and how kind and compassionate people around me in helping me.

Just this morning I texted my assistant dean that I don’t have a ride to go to the COM building to be placed with a cast by my female general surgeon professor. Good thing my female general surgeon professor and our college secretary nurse just went to my dorm and have my right ankle/foot cast with many bandages, wadding sheet and plaster of paris. I’m so thankful that I am spared from the burden of going to the COM building because it’s struggling and difficult to have an injured right ankle. My professor said I can’t let my cast get wet so I rather use a plastic bag rather than redo my cast. She also advised me to buy anti-inflammatory medicines and elevate my leg whenever possible. She also taught me how to walk with my one crutch. She said I should walk with my injured right together with the crutch followed by my left uninjured foot. I also should not bear down my weight on the armpit but on the handle of the crutch. Nevertheless it’s still difficult to walk that way that I literally need to hop and skip my left foot to get moving.

Life with one injured ankle is difficult. Bathrooms are a horror. Stairs are the most grievous nightmare. I easily get tired with my left foot/leg bearing all my body weight. Wanting to eat seems a struggle too because I have limited movement.

So I hope this will not hinder me getting to eat, study, bath, laundry, cook and basically move around. 

Hope this will heal soon in Jesus’ name amen!

©Rina My cast right foot (made by my female general surgeon professor ) while the plaster of Paris is still cooking.

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