Day 421 Back To Class With A Crutch

Good afternoon!

After 3 days being locked inside my dorm room, freedom at last! As a dutiful Medicine student, I can’t be absent today even with walking difficulties. Today I had my block exam for the Cardiology block. And this week starts the Digestive/ Abdomen block. 

My assistant dean saw me awhile ago lunch time and he noted that my crutch does not fit me. And he noted that I need to put elastic bandage on my right foot for compression to avoid swelling or blood pooling. I told him that I had hematoma on my lateral side of my heel. Good thing I had my elastic bandage in my bag so I made my classmate do the bandaging for me. My senior also helped me adjust my crutch by boring a new hole on the bottom to have atleast 2 cm allowance under my armpit. He also taught me how to properly walk with my crutch. That is for any lesion below the knee, you need to place the crutch on the unaffected side. If it were above the knee, the crutch should be on the affected side.

It’s super tiring to sit all day adjusting my position on the chair. You see I need to elevate my right foot to avoid edema. And to increase my venous return. But my right hip hurts already for always trying to flex my hips. And good thing during the class hours even lunch I didn’t felt the urge to urinate.whew.

But despite the struggle in my sitting, I thank God for people who helped me get to and from class with their cars. I thank God for friends who buy food for me (at my expense of course) and refill my bottled water. I thank God for people who helped me how to walk with my crutch and adjust my crutch. Even those people who helped me with my bandage. (On a side note, the guy I like first did my bandage but since I am not sure on the correct distal to proximal tightness of the elastic bandage, I asked my female nurse classmate to redo it for me. And oh boy, the smile of my crush is so cute. Okay na ako sa ngiti niya especially kapag ako yung nginitian niya besides helping me with the bandage of my foot.)

Hopefully I can walk from my dorm to class without a car (which is an up and down terrain, too bad huhu).



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