Day 424 Cad Lab

Good evening! 

I have been quite busy since last night and this day that it took this time to write about what happened to me in the Cadaver Laboratory.

Ever since I got ankle sprain for about a week now, it took me some time to be able to stand up and walk. Even if my hematoma on my ankle is not completely healed and I still do get edema on my right foot every time I forgot to elevate my foot.

Going down to the Cadaver Laboratory which is located in the underground basement of the COM building, the number of steps on the stairs are many. I still used a crutch yesterday and a human crutch. (Lol.) A classmate hold me as I take each step of the stairs one step at a time and I was really slow in my walking. Despite being slow, I thank God that atleast I can stand on both feet and try to walk even though my gait is really weird/ not normal.

So our professors in our cadaver dissection class were surgeons. One of them is the female surgeon who advised me to wear a cast, my anti-inflammatory medications and my ankle X-ray. The other surgeon professor was a male ortho-surgeon. He noticed that I was just sitting near my group’s cadaver with elevated foot and not helping with my group mates as they dissect our male cadaver. I was really a bit anxious that he would go, ask me what happened and do a physical examination on my right foot and ankle. What I dreaded didn’t seem like it. He tried twisting my foot and ankle. He palpated the areas around my ankle joint quite a bit hard and I didn’t flinched on any pain on almost all of his maneuvers on my foot. I really thought it would hurt me but I was a bit wrong. Until he tried to dorsiflexed my foot while pressing hard on my antero-lateral part of my ankle joint did I felt slight pain. And that is also above the cite where my current hematoma is. And he concluded even without the final X-ray reading that I might have inverted my foot on landing when I slipped. And I might have broken/tear my anterior talo-fibular ligament. It’s a lateral ligament in between my talus bone and my fibula. He said it’s the most common ankle sprain. And he redo the bandage I made on my foot. I was impressed on how my ortho-surgeon professor did my bandage on my right foot and ankle. It felt just right. He also advice me to wear boots or anything high cut on my right foot to act as support and protection to my right ankle. And I should not have worn slippers. 

Another fun fact was since I am already in the Digestive tract block, yesterday we looked into the digestive system of my group’s cadaver. And his stomach and intestines didn’t look right because there are a lot of holes and perforations even tough my group haven’t dissected the internal organs yet. And our professor said that our cadaver must have died of gun shot wound in the abdomen. Initially when I first saw our cadaver, I already noticed a stab wound on his abdomen near his belly button. And now I realized it might have been a gun shot wound. And even though it was just one gun shot that hit him, it caused a massive organ damage inside of him. My professors said that it might have hit his large intestine and he died because of that. I really thought he died of heart failure because he really has a fatty heart and his lungs are really black because of so many carbon dusts.

Lesson learned. One gun shot wound on the abdomen is fatal because it could really damage a lot of your internal organs causing many holes on them. It’s like fireworks that exploded inside and that is really fatal.

Right now I no longer use a crutch and it may take really some time before I can walk normally again and even run.



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