Day 425 Solo Flight

Good afternoon!

Last Friday, I should have attended my 2nd hospital exposure to Batangas Medical Center where in its focused on cardio patients.

But since I got into accident and I had my posterior cast put on my right ankle, I was absent during that hospital duty.

To make up for the lost activity, I asked the assistant dean what I can do to make it up. And he told me he will assign me a patient in the university clinic. I really thought it would be a cardio patient too since I missed the cardio-block hospital exposure but I was wrong. The patient assigned to me was a 14-year old female presumably a dengue-patient. And her watchers (her aunt and relatives are there with her) were with her. Being a neophyte Medicine student (not even a clerk yet), I was a bit awkward and not used to it yet. I wasn’t super spontaneous and the way I ask questions were suggestive kind meaning it’s a bit biased. And since I prepared for physical examination for cardio patients, I don’t know how to go about dealing with dengue patients. What I did I just checked her conjunctiva, her mouth and tongue, lung sounds, heart sounds, capillary refill, carotid bruits if there are any (negative), few pinpoint rashes on her legs, and vital signs.

I forgot to ask how many they are in the family and their respective occupations. I also forgot to palpate her cervical lymph nodes, and percuss her lungs. And I didn’t heard right her diastole during blood pressure taking. And I took her blood pressure while she was lying down supine which I should adjust.

I didn’t want to appear incapable and stupid in front of the patient and her family so I try not to show off that I missed out some things

I was super awkward because it’s a pedia patient and I don’t memorize what I want to say. Good thing my friend gave me a list of what to ask especially for the Review of Systems under Medical History. 

Hopefully next time that there will be hospital exposure, I will be with a group to do the history and physical examination. And so I hope by that time I can walk normally with a normal gait.



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