Day 426 Psalm 97:11

Good morning!

I want to share and reflect on this verse today:

Psalm 97:11 “Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart.”-ESV 

As Christians, I sometimes wonder how we can bear fruit. In some of Jesus’ parables in the gospels, He kept on saying that we believers should bear fruit in keeping in repentance; the trees that didn’t bear fruit are cut down; and stories that relate to harvest themes.

So when I got to read aloud the words light is sown for the righteous, it made me realize maybe one of the things God wants to be bearing fruit in us is His light. And those who are called righteous are those who believe in the Gospel of Christ and made Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. So how can one know he/she is in the light or is sowing/ bearing fruit light. I think this takes more of a supernatural encounter. But I just want to share how it seems for me. When I was a Roman Catholic and that time I didn’t know know/understood/find it necessary to make Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, the kind of darkness I experienced is when I had nightmares more often. And the kinds of dreams I had were really like night or really fading into black. Sometime in the past, I would just sleep and dream blackness then suddenly I would be shocked to wake up that it’s morning without any sort of dream. When I got to learn more about the true meaning of the Gospel and how important it is to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus by making Him my personal Lord and Savior, initially my nightmares would lessen and my dreams got brighter. There were times I would be dreaming and the scenery would be like high noon day brightness. 

Beside those contrasting dreams between when I was a non-believer to a 100% believer of Jesus, I couldn’t cite anymore evidence how a person can see he/she has sown light. I think it really takes a supernatural encounter with God/Jesus.

Joy in the upright in heart. This I could site experiences that need not be extremely supernatural in nature. There are times that even as a born again Christian, I would back slide. That is I would choose to think (even just to think about it) negativity/ lustful thoughts/ envious thoughts/ plain evil thoughts. Even much so if I take it to heart or might have done it. Sinning again even if you know you are saved by Christ takes away the joy of salvation in one’s heart. It’s evident most especially if you forgot to give thanks to God as it was your habit. Also, you forgot to pray. But don’t fret for too long, you can repent and move on. Though I know God’s love and mercy doesn’t give us the license to continue on sinning despite being saved by grace already. It just shows that there are unguarded times where in we fall short still and sin (even in the thinking level and have not reached the doing level).

So I hope Psalms 97:11 inspired and has been a blessing to you as it is for me.



One thought on “Day 426 Psalm 97:11

  1. Vai, vai… Ti-o fi frica de Crin ca ii preia temele basescului, de care initial nu ti-a fost frica. Hait! :))) Ii preia mai temele, dar si eltraocteul. Asta e! La prosti trebuie sa le dai ce vor. Scuze pentru sinceritatea brutala. 😀


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