Day 427 Me Not Eating Chicken

Good morning!

As you know I’m a trying hard vegan. For most days I can be vegan and some other days not so 100% because my palabok (I buy) has egg; I ate one time in BonChon and I ate beef (but removed the chicken from the chapchae); there are bits of dairy in the margarine sautéed vegetables I buy in my lunch; and the Gullón sugar free chocolate cookies I have has a small amount of dairy in it. Sad life that it’s not 100% consistent. But hey, I remember when I just got ankles sprain, for 3 days all I get to eat are vegan foods because I can’t go out on those days with an injured foot.

So when was the last time I ate chicken and why I stopped eating it besides trying to be vegan. 

I stopped eating chicken a few days just before Christmas of 2016. So I estimated that would be more than 2 months of not eating chicken!!!! I could remember vividly that if I attempted to eat chicken (that was last year), I would have literally angina /chest pain for a brief moment. And then it hit me. Chicken is no longer healthy for me at all. Also chicken has a lot of weird growth hormones and antibiotics in it that makes it a high candidate for breast cancer. Remember the time in January of this year where I thought I had a small hard painless fixed mass on my left armpit. I really thought it was a budding breast cancer or lymphoma. Well, when I get my menstruation, it appears again but tender! Unlike before it was damn solid hard candidate for cancer.

So my advise for people who want to be vegan, first eliminate the dairy. Second eliminate the chicken. Then you can eliminate other meats. The process of  elimination is one food item at a time and not eating it for one whole day then continue it for one whole week. And you will see a significant change in your body appearance and energy levels.

But when I get to see foreigners on YouTube getting so hyped with Jollibee’s fried chicken, it makes me jealous too. And what I do is I remind myself that this would kill me literally (heart attack or cancer). And it would remind me more of my cadaver during gross anatomy laboratory classes.

Avoid eating chicken too.


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