Day 430 SM Advantage

Good morning!

Since I don’t have a very interesting topic to share in today’s blog, I will just share a totally-random-uninteresting-topic-for-my-readers sort of thing.

I’m in Med school. The school I study and board in is really far from the nearest SM mall. My SM Advantage card which is a membership card for SM malls all around Philippines will soon expire on April. And I vowed not to ever go home to my house in Rizal until this 2nd semester is over. I don’t have time/company/transport to go to SM. I tried to ask people to go with me but they are so reluctant. And a bright idea hit me. Why not buy my remaining points with toiletries I need from the nearest Watsons (they accept SM Advantage cards) and never bother to ever renew it. 

Good thing last night my roommate invited me to go to Paseo de Santa Rosa. There’s a Watsons shop there and I accompanied my roommate to buy stuffs in National Bookstore. So here are the things I bought:

(Basically all girly stuffs: Cuddles Cotton Squares, 4 Safeguards 90g, 2 Carefree pantyliner, Watsons Hair Removal Cream, 1 Finess Oil Control Sheet; can’t upload the picture, I want to rant about my poor internet signal!!!)

It felt good to shop items especially I am not going to use my cash but my reward points. It feels like legally buying stuffs without the heaviness of spending cash but of course with a limit.

All throughout the active years of my SM Advantage card, I was able to garner ₽487.25. When I think about it I should have made it go until ₽500. But no forget it. My card will expire soon and I don’t want to burden myself so much of trying to go to SM with a busy schedule. So in my mind I try to estimate all I’m gonna buy. I didn’t waste it on make ups instead I bought soaps and the dire necessities I usually use or need to use more often than makeup. I didn’t consumed the whole ₽487 but I did spend over ₽400.

So will I ever buy SM Advantage card again? Maybe no because I will spend most of my years in AUP shopping in AUP store, Nuvali or Paseo.



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