Day 433 First Time Paper Quilling 

Good morning!

I first learn about the art of paper quilling when I first saw it on a freebie journaling notebook I got from Watson’s. The cover has a paper quill of flowers and inside has a little instruction on how to make one. Since then I really wanted to make paper quills but I didn’t know how to start or get my materials.

Up until last week, we were first told that we will be having a poster making project for our Digestive Block by groups. So last weekend I saw a paper quill art of The Little Prince on my FB newsfeed and an idea hit me why not incorporate it into the poster project of my group. So our chosen topic was the myth of can tomato seeds cause appendicitis. I initially thought of making paper quills for both the tomato and appendix. Instead I just settle to make a paper quill appendix because my group mates decided to make a paper mâché the tomato.

I don’t have the proper tools in making this cecum appendix paper quill. I manually cut each strips of paper. I used the blunt side of scissors to curve the paper strip. I manually roll it up in my fingers. So I end up only making tight rolls of paper quill. If I had the proper tool, I could have made other shapes like tear drop or square paper quill. I initially didn’t know how to start putting this together but because I was pressured to make it work for my group’s project somehow I get it rolling. It took me 5 hours to finish this one. Initially I did it last Monday evening and I finally finished it Thursday afternoon. The long time gap was due to lectures and other stuffs I needed to do cause I’m a Medicine student. My classmate once told me, we’re not only Medicine students, we’re like majoring in Art too. Well that’s outcome based learning curriculum for you guys. Medicine ain’t no longer traditional learning curriculum.

©Rina Paper Quill Cecum+appendix (photo on left: unfinished, photo on right: finished)

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