Day 434 Eating At My Friend’s House

Good morning!

I just wanna share how I spent my Friday afternoon with my friends (my classmates too). That Friday afternoon we still had class and it’s our Clinical Medicine. The activity was a return demonstration of doing the abdomen physical examination. We’re 38 in the class but it was done by pairs. Even so, there were just 2 doctors on board. To cut it short, it came at 3pm and our professors said that the remaining students just have to perform it next Friday. So me and my partners (we’re three in the group) practiced while waiting and we just eventually go home. And as we were walking outside COM building, we decided to have a leisure walk towards the Centennial park of AUP. It’s an overlooking view of Laguna and beyond. Then after strolling in the Centennial park under the heat of the sun and amazing winds, my friend invited us to her home within the campus. She gave us these huge strawberries which her mom bought from US. It’s like no other compared to Baguio, Philippines strawberries. We also ate porridge with egg and fried bananas (saba). She gave us juice and cinnamon breads. I also ate wheat bread with peanut butter. And I also ate rice with their delicious ginataang langka (jack fruit flesh with coconut milk and chillies). It was so delicious. Plus it’s all free. She is so warm and accommodating. Her love language is really service. I didn’t get to eat there cinnamon bread and one strawberry so I bought it home to my dorm. Her house from our dorm within the campus is opposite poles but near one street/road.

©Rina top photo AUP Centennial park overlooking Laguna and beyond, photo below fruits 🍎, 🍇 and strawberry 🍓 and large strawberry 🍓 compared to my hand 🤚🏻

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