Day 436 When I’m No Longer Excited For Vacation 

Good morning!

Back in the first week of January, I was so excited to have this second semester finished like I wished I could just wake up and it’s done (of course as if someone already done my workload). 

Now it’s a different mindset. I’m almost nearing half my semester and I’m not as excited as it was before for this semester to end. Number one reason, I realized there’s a lot of work to be done. Besides the study load, there’s this autobiography thingy I haven’t improved yet and 1 article for the College publication (I ain’t proud of it). Another thing is I’m struggling to save up enough money for my needs and wants. Turns out even before the semester ends, I already bought my supposedly reward for myself for finishing this semester. But no. I was impatient so I bought it immediately. But I don’t regret not doing otherwise. (Lol.) I also dread coming back to the dentist for not having my braces adjusted for several months now. Yes, you can say it’s super disgusting but I’m trying my best to clean it even though I noticed I had a plaque on my upper incisor teeth that needs tooth filling. Too bad. Also instead of putting he money I saved for my dentist fee (maybe on May, I’ll go to her), I used it on ‘my beautiful gem that lasts a lifetime’ (not a jewelry) and on NYX lip creams. Also, when vacation finally comes, I need to come up immediately with sewing projects I want to accomplish.

So I was thinking, I need not hurry for this semester to end. It’s not like I’m excited to go home to my house (since January I have not come home haha). It’s not like I’m really going to the beach or something on vacation. 

I just really need to be efficiently productive with the remaining time of my second semester.


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