Day 437 Lumee iPhone 7 Case Review

Good afternoon!

©Rina Lumee Selfie iPhone Case

I first knew and saw an iPhone case with light from one of Andrea Brillantes’ YouTube vlog of her room tour. I wasn’t sure if the brand was Lumee also but I liked it. Her selfie iPhone case has different lighting options. So I try to find a similar one on Lazada Philippines. It was ₽490. What I found was Lumee. It came with a charger of its own and the box wasn’t fancy. The button for the light is at the back side of the iPhone case and it had just 1 lighting options. There is no adjustment for the brightness. I find it cool because I can have good selfie lighting and I can also use it as a flashlight which I did. I don’t know if the Lumee iPhone case I bought was really authentic or just an imitation. Regardless of that, I love how I was able to use it. And my selfie pictures look even better with it aside from using the Chrome filter of my iPhone. When I tried this case and brought to class, my classmates were really amazed by it. I get instant ‘feeling close’ with my classmates. So another function, if you want to impress someone or want to be quick friends, try Lumee case. So far all I know is they have for iPhone 6 and 7. I don’t know for other models and brands of smartphones.



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