Day 441 Hope

Good afternoon to my readers!

Today is the day I was able to attend again Sunday service after the long haul. Last February not a single Sunday I was able to attend the service (except for 1 Friday youth service and it was not been followed until then).

Today I learned a lot about the service. The one who preached is my favorite pastor from Victory Santa Rosa Nuvali, he’s name is Pastor Janssen. He’s preaching today is about John 5:1-18. It’s the story where in Lord Jesus healed a paralyzed man for 38 years on Sabbath Day in a certain pool in Bethesda. The interesting good to know fact I learned is that Bethesda means “house of mercy”. It’s not an ordinary swimming pool. It’s a water cistern that is very very deep. Now based on the pictures shown by the pastor during the service, it no longer holds any water.

I knew about this verse many many times and I think I made a blog post about it before correlating it to the hot spring I went in Naga City. 

Anyway, the interesting truth I learned is about John 5:4. I really thought it was true that an angel stirred the waters of that pool and truly makes people healed up. But no! It was just a superstition! 

Here are the things I learned from the preaching:

  • When Jesus asked the man “do you want to be healed?”, the man didn’t really answered the question
  • Hope is a great equalizer for noh rich and poor
  • If hope is placed on the wrong place, we became restless 
  • When the man answered Jesus’ question, the man implies that his hope rests on the superstition about the pool and not looking to the One who can truly heal him
  • Our hope should rest on the One who has the Authority to heal and save
  • Jesus did it on the Sabbath day to show He is the only One who can give true peace/shalom/rest/healing/wholeness
  • Jesus showed that He indeed is the Son of God
  • We need to acknowledge that we have a problem and the solution can be found in something outside of us. More than positive thinking or good philosophies. We can rest ourselves in Lord Jesus Christ.
  • When we try to blame others, we don’t acknowledge the problem. All the more we can’t find resolve to ask Jesus to help us with.
  • Give your hope to the One who has authority (power, control, wisdom)

Oh by the way, I want to share that I have signed up and I will attend Purple Book class by Victory Santa Rosa in The Monochrome Nuvali. It’s on Sunday’s from 1-4pm. I should have done this way back in 2015 but I didn’t. Now I got to chance to continue what I should have done long time ago. It’s ₽600 but I haven’t paid yet because they don’t have change for my money. Please pray for me that I can both balance going to Victory for the Purple Book class and studying for my quizzes and exams which are always scheduled on Monday’s.

Got to catch up with my review again for my quiz tomorrow. Bye!


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