Day 442 No Rice 🍚 For the Past 2 Days

Good morning!

I just want to put it here in my blog how I survived my weekend without rice. In the Philippines, we Filipinos love rice and it’s our staple food. Last weekend was the legit no rice unplanned thing I have done. I realized that I didn’t ate any rice when I woke up last Sunday morning thinking I had no rice. 

But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t consistently vegan last weekend. The whole Saturday I was vegan. But last Sunday I wasn’t. The only things that weren’t vegan are mayonnaise, beef all in this Jollibee burger, and the tiger shrimp I bought. Those are sure non-vegan. I’m not sure about the crust of the peach mango pie I had last Sunday. What may seem shocking for my readers is the reason I forgot to ate rice last Saturday. It’s because I was eating this bowlful of boiled then cracked peanuts. I didn’t bought this peanuts. It was a giveaway by my clinical instructor doctor when I had the hospital exposure last Friday. He bought it because my Zimbabwean classmate cried for undisclosed reasons. My professor was trying to be nice and empathic he asked my classmate to buy peanuts while at Batangas. It turned out that the peanuts bought were so many all of us in the van were showered with peanuts. And the hard thing about these peanuts was that I finished eating it just Sunday evening. It took me legit two days to eat these peanuts. Aside from eating peanuts, I also ate my lettuce and mangoes which were about to decay. I also ate a bunch of noodles like Mi Goreng and the palabok I tried to cook. I also tried making vegan pizza definitely with no cheese. 

I didn’t know I can survive without rice. But I know I can’t do this everyday. I still get to eat a lot of carbs but the good thing it’s easy to digest meaning when I sleep I can wake up being slim again or having mass movements (or in layman’s term defecate) in the bathroom.



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