Day 448 Week 1 of Purple Book Class

Good afternoon!

I successfully attended Purple Book Class awhile ago in Victory Santa Rosa Nuvali. It’s the nearest Victory Churh from AUP, my Med school. So what’s Purple Book Class? It’s a foundation class about basic Christian doctrines and Scriptural truth. It’s like the basic thing after you went thru One 2 One then Victory Weekend, it’s advisable to undergo this one. It took me more than 2 years from my Victory Weekend to actually attend Purple Book Class. My Purple Book cover is so old edition. The new Purple Book has a different design. I’m a bit embarrassed and too conscious if people will try to look on my Purple Book. But the content is fairly the same. It consists of 12 chapters and these will be discussed for a duration of 5 Sunday’s.

Today the chapters discussed were on Sin and Salvation, Lordship and Obedience and lastly, Repentance and Water Baptism. I am blessed to hear from older women and men what they got to say. It’s like they have more fervor than me. Maybe because some of them or maybe all of them were newly just got Victory Weekend while me on the other hand, it was way back in November 16,2014. 

My dad is very supportive of me when I said I will attend Purple Book Class. He even went as far to wait for me from 1-4pm and chaperoned me back to my campus. And take note we don’t own a functioning car. So my dad just commuted. And considering he is a senior citizen to top it of. I feel pity and embarrassment towards him. And now I’m thinking of giving him a birthday gift this year which I never done before.

So guys and ladies, if someone is important to you, you will go the extra mile and commit time. I find going to Purple Book Class as the opportunity to renew my fervor to God amidst weekly exams and quizzes in Med school. Also I realized even more how my dad loves me and gives me importance that even if we don’t have a car, he will really chaperone me. Even buy a movie ticket which is expensive so that he won’t be bored waiting for my Purple Book Class to end. Thank God for people like that. 

I’ll go back to my studying and I pray and hope I will study right.


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