Day 450 OSPE Results

Good evening! 

It took me this time evening to be able to write today’s daily blog. Today was a whole bunch of lectures and I can’t help but to be sleepy all throughout this day. Also it’s weird that the weather is rainy and a bit chilly. Brr~

Good thing happened to me today are a bunch. First my friend gave me her lunch food. She brought two, one for late breakfast and another for lunch. She wasn’t able to have breakfast so she had two packed lunch. And I was surprised she offered me her other lunch food. We ate it about past 9am because our lecturer told us we had 2 minutes break. And I know we exceeded the time limit. She gave me fried red rice, marinated beef, ginataang langka (Jackfruit flesh with coconut milk and green pepper. It was super delicious. This is a Bicolano delicacy and considering I’m half-Bicolana.) I didn’t finished the whole packed food that past 9am because I really love the ginataang langka for my lunch food. So I ate it again past 11am with a cafeteria bought white rice.

That kind of kindness really touched me to the core of my being. And it inspired me to pay it forward. My roommate told me how she hasn’t defecated yet for 4 days and she said she only ate mostly meat. I told her she needs more fiber. And so I bought her a Del Monte pineapple juice which has fiber. I told her that I’ll give it without payment. And she gladly accepted it.

Another good thing that happened to me today was when I saw my grade for my OSPE. OSPE is like the practical demonstration exam for aspiring medical doctors to practice/hone their clinical skills. Our first OSPE happened last February and I got 195/200. The way they grade us is through being able to perform the different steps required for each kind of physical examination. So our first OPSE included taking the vital signs, examining the knee, examining cranial nerves and motor functions. Considering I wasn’t able to answer some side questions (which were just bonus), I’m happy that I can still have the future of becoming a physician missionary Neurologist someday hehehe 👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️.

The only negative thing today beside gloomy weather is I unconsciously swallowed my lower left molar bracket (cause I wear braces).

Okay. Bye!


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